Infinity Buttons for Dynamics 365

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Infinity Buttons - must have user experience tools for anyone using Dynamics 365.

Introducing Infinity Buttons: The Full Collection - the must have product if you use Dynamics 365 to save precious time and frustration for users. The solution is designed to enhance the productivity of Dynamics 365 users, providing quick and easy solutions to common tasks. Try one or try them all. Click for a FREE 30 Day Trial!

You can purchase these products individually or save money by buying as a collection.

What products are included?

  • Record to PDF (Free Download)
    With just a single click, you can generate a fully customized and branded print preview PDF of an entire record, including all tabs, sections and fields from the form.

  • SharePoint Addon
    The must-have tool for anyone using both SharePoint and Dynamics 365. Upload to SharePoint using a drag and drop interface with NO 50MB upload restrictions!

  • Record to ZIP
    An intuitive data extraction tool that allows you to efficiently capture and extract customer information and their related records from Dynamics 365 into a portable ZIP file - helping with your GDPR and Privacy requirements.

  • Clone Record
    This tool sits in the system ribbon allowing you to easily navigate to and clone any record across your system. Users will love the fact they are no longer Copy and Pasting data.


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