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Get insights on how you're spending your productivity time.

Do you ever wonder how you’re spending your time? Your calendar may be booked with numerous 1-on-1s, HR meetings, Customer Partner meetings, Team meetings, etc. But, how can you really know how much time you’re spending in each area?
This is where the Outlook Calendar Analytics Tool can help! Our tool helps users to better understand their calendar events and how they are spending productivity time using various visuals, graphs, tables and refiners. With this solution you will receive 7 different page views in a Power BI report (Power BI App) based on your configured details (Power App) to help you see how you're spending your time.
This Tool incorporates Power App to configure the type of Outlook events to analyze, Power Automate to sync event details into a Data Verse database, and leverage Power BI to visually transform the way users view their calendar event metrics.

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