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Use Microsoft Excel’s strengths to get deeper insights into your SAP Analytics Cloud data.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Microsoft Excel, built for Microsoft Excel power users, strengthens SAP Analytics Cloud analytics and planning capabilities with well-known Microsoft Excel frontend & functions, opening you a large playground in Microsoft Online and Desktop versions.

You can use it to connect SAP Analytics Cloud models, live SAP Datasphere data and SAP S/4HANA Cloud CDS views with the Excel Pivot table experience to provide you the freedom to build Ad-hoc reports. You can create rankings, collapse/expand hierarchies, apply highly flexible filters or custom formulas in the grid, use properties from SAP Analytics Cloud, and leverage from your business hierarchies on top of it.

The add-in supports BI and Planning scenarios: It can also be used to enter data and save it back to SAP Analytics Cloud planning models, to make plans, budget, forecast, and finally interact with colleagues on your (Windows or Mac) laptop, and go for real-time actions in SAP Analytics Cloud or stay in Excel.

Product Highlights:

  • Leverage from Excel native capabilities to analyze and plan on top of SAP Analytics Cloud data
  • Connect SAP Data Warehouse Cloud datasets or SAP S/4HANA Cloud CDS views as live data sources for further analysis in Excel
  • Contain highly flexible filtering capabilities and custom formulas to build fine-tuned Excel reports
  • Use advanced filter options such as hierarchy-based selection
  • Add dynamic Excel calculations in the table
  • Build highly flexible reports and planning layouts using GETDATA and SETDATA functions
  • Offer optimized analysis with data sorting, ranking or expanding/collapsing hierarchies
  • Update your table with the latest data from the cloud at any time
  • Add data for planning and save it back to the cloud
  • Share created workbooks with others

All you need is your SAP Analytics Cloud license to get started today:

System Requirements for Microsoft Office:

You can use SAP Analytics Cloud for Microsoft Excel with Excel for Web on Windows and Mac.

The add-in supports Excel Online in the latest version of the following browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Technical Prerequisites for using the add-in:

  • You can use tenants with domain without any additional configuration. Tenants with other domains (e.g., must be manually configured by the Microsoft365 administrator. For more information, please see Tenant Configuration:
  • For centralized deployment, the administrator deploying add-in and the users receiving the add-in must have Exchange Online and active Exchange Online mailboxes. For more information, please see the Microsoft Office documentation at Determine if Centralized Deployment of add-ins works for your organization:

For more information about the add-in, please check the SAP Help Portal at SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Excel:

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