Zoho ContactManager

Zoho Corporation Private Limited

Organize contacts, collaborate with your team and manage your business better.

Zoho ContactManager is an online contact management software built for small businesses and integrates closely with Office 365.

With Zoho ContactManager, you can

1. Have one place for all your contacts:

Maintain your contacts from multiple sources in a centralized address book, and have a unified view of related tasks, notes, and emails.

2. Categorise using Tags:

Easily categorize and label contacts, deals or other records using Tags. Tags are the most versatile way of filtering stuff.

3. Track deals and tasks:

Stay on top of your deals, manage your tasks, and follow up on your to-do items. Categorize everything with Tags.

4. Collaborate with your team:

Communicate with your colleagues in real-time through feeds and notes to keep everyone on the same page.

5. Search intelligently:

Quickly find exactly what you want with the intelligent multi-conditional search feature.

6. Turn website visitors into contacts:

Instantly convert your website visitors into contacts with our Web-to-Contacts Form. Simply embed this form into your website to watch contacts and leads pour in!

7. Engage prospects and customers through social networks:

Monitor what people are talking about your business on social media. Track keywords, hashtags, mentions, etc. and generate prospects from social networks.

With the Office 365 integration, you can

- Import your Office 365 contacts into Zoho ContactManager and keep them in sync both ways.

- Manage your Outlook Mail within Zoho ContactManager

- Easily add Office 365 users into ContactManager in a single click.

On the go:

Manage your contacts on the go using the Zoho ContactManager app that is available for iPhone and Android devices.


In addition to Office 365, Zoho ContactManager integrates with MailChimp, Zoho Mail, G Suite and other popular software applications.


Free plan: Single user - 500 contacts - 10 deals

Smart plan: 25 users - 10,000 contacts - 1,000 deals - Custom Fields - Integrations

Ultra plan: 25 users - Unlimited contacts - Unlimited deals - Custom Fields - Integrations

Please note that when you signup, you'll start with a 14 day trial period. You'll get access to all the features in this period. If you didn't upgrade to Smart/Ultra plan before the trial expires, you'll be moved to the Free plan.

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