BS WordPress Blog Reader

Bhanu Singh

BS WordPress Blog Reader App

BS Word Press Blog Reader App is simple yet powerful App which enables you to connect any WordPress blog and access posts and pictures from your SharePoint site.

This App also provides functionality to subscribe WordPress blogs. Subscribed blog URLs are stored in a SharePoint list.

This App displays 'Blog Title', 'Blog Excerpt' and images associated with the blog (at present max 5 images are displayed).

This App uses WP REST API via JSON call-back for fetching data from Word Press so display is pretty fast; almost real time.

This App is a Client Web Part which can be added to any SharePoint page with a Web Part Zone. When you add this App you will get two blog URLs automatically added in subscription list. You can manage blog URLs from BS WP Blog Reader Administration Page.

  • Imp - Blog URL Format

At present App does not validate Blog URLs. So you need to provide full blog URL for this App to work properly (Starting with ‘http ://’ e.g. Make sure you are adding correct Blog URL o/wise your App may not work as expected.

WP Limitation -

1. Currently Word Press REST API only support 5 images.

2. As of now App is designed to fetch latest 20 blog posts.

3. This App works for all WordPress Blog URL only.

(e.g. or

This App does not support WordPress websites (e.g. )

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