10 Studio

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10 Studio is a toolset that helps you better build, edit, verify and optimize your spreadsheets.

I. 10 Studio contains a "Pretty Formula" that helps you better read and understand long and complex formulas.

  • Formula Formatter automatically displays a long and complex formula in several lines with appropriate indentations.
  • Therefore, you could understand better the logic in the formula.
  • Anytime, you could format, modify, and unformat the formula in the editor.
  • Finally, you could write a modified formula back to spreadsheet.

"Formula Formatter" has an intelligent algorithm such that an expression will no longer be formatted in the same way all the time; many factors such as width limit, its surroundings, and other parts of the formula will be taken into account. You could adjust width limit and see different formats of a formula, which lets you quickly understand the formula.

II. 10 Studio contains a "Spreadsheet Verificator" that helps you review spreadsheets and ensure their correctness.

  • Spreadsheet Verificator verifies all the cell values and formulas of your spreadsheet by types.
  • It either proves that the spreadsheet is exempt of a class of typing errors, or identifies the cell formulas that contain typing mismatches, which are clues to spreadsheet defects.
  • As a result, verifying and validating spreadsheets by Spreadsheet Verificator will improve their quality and prevent you from making business decisions with incorrect spreadsheets.

III. 10 Studio contains a "Bottleneck Detector" that helps you find the bottlenecks that show down your spreadsheet.

  • Bottleneck Detector detects slow worksheets among all the worksheets of your spreadsheet.
  • It can also be finer-grained and detect slow ranges inside your workbook.
  • As a result, amending the bottleneck of your spreadsheet will improve its performance.

IV. "Spreadsheet Optimizer" helps you optimize your formulas in terms of efficiency and readability.

  • Spreadsheet Optimizer automatically identifies the formulas that can be improved in terms of efficiency and readability.
  • It proposes better ways to rewrite these formulas, and tells you why they are better.
  • Anytime, you could accept its recommendation or undo the change.

V. From "Helpdesk", you could directly chat with us about anything, including 10 Studio, Excel questions, VBA, programming, etc. We will be very happy to hear from you.

You will need to sign in to benefit a trial period of 10 Studio. After that, you will need to subscribe to a pricing plan to continue. More details can be found in

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