Time To Reply Limited

timetoreply is the market-leading email analytics and reply time tracking tool for company email.

In order to use this add-in you will need an active timetoreply account (active trial or paid subscription account) and this mailbox needs to be linked to timetoreply in order for this add-in to work. To link your mailbox sign up for an account via, create and account and follow the steps to link your mailboxes and accept the permissions. Note that timetoreply only views and ingests email header information (meta information) and does not access, view or store the body or attachments of any emails.

This add-in is designed to help you manage your timetoreply account by allowing you to mark conversations as "closed" from within Outlook (note: this only changes the status within timetoreply, and not within Outlook itself).

Use timetoreply to measure and improve the most vital channel for any business: your teams’ email.

timetoreply will tell you:

how quickly and effectively your sales teams are replying to leads, and

how quickly your customer-facing teams are responding to important customer emails.

timetoreply also gives you actionable insights into internal email communication habits between key teams and allows you to track the health and responsiveness of relationships with your suppliers and vendors.

Uniquely, timetoreply measures individual mailbox/agent performance, shared mailbox performance and shows you how each team member contributes to the workflow through tracked, shared mailboxes.


- Real-time stats and insights on your sales, customer-facing, and supplier management teams’ email reply times

- See emails awaiting prospect, customer, or supplier reply

- See emails awaiting your team, or team members’ reply

- See contact success rates and how they’re influenced by your team’s reply times

- Find emails that haven’t been replied to, so nothing slips through the cracks

- Mark emails as closed – which means you can use your email in place of a ticketing system

- Email volume data – use this information to rebalance workloads

- Daily, weekly, monthly scheduled reports

- 12-month trend reports

- Works with individual, shared, and group mailboxes

- Stats on individual performance to shared mailboxes

Win more business by contacting more leads faster, retain more customers by providing the responsive service they expect, and improve supplier turnaround times.

Take the mystery out of your email with customizable dashboards that give you the exact metrics you need to make business decisions.

timetoreply encrypts data and does not access the body of your teams’ email, so your company’s information is always private and secure.

If you’d like to connect with a timetoreply team member and run through a no-obligation personalized demo, email

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