TMF (TagMyFav) for Teams


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Save.Share.Send.Tag Your Fav, a bookmarking solution for Microsoft Teams.

TagMyFav for Microsoft Teams brings you an easy bookmarking solution to make collaboration & communication easier. With TagMyFav app, save links from Teams chat, group chat, meetings or personal chat. You can not only save links but also links to conversation & messages within Teams. In this digitally driven world, best way to keep track of all your digital work is to save your work in cloud and get a link to it. Research & study is where every kind of project starts in most of the business & industry, or even institutions and this is for what you need to bookmark, share & save different links, conversations, emails for yourself as well as other team members. These valuable links are crucial to be handy to keep up the pace of the work or speedily answer any queries during the college study or collaborative workplace – and this is what TagMyFav helps with. TagMyFav app allows you to build a sorted bank of your saved content & links to be utilized when you need and to help others when they need, within a collaborative environment of Microsoft365. The admin of the group can share these set of links even within the new group members or new employees of the organization. TagMyFav app for Microsoft Teams facilitate sharing links, chat, Message or save to the cloud. TagMyFav admin portal facilitates sharing the organization bookmarks using admin portal which is then available to users in the organization. All this content remains saved and handy for you till the time you do not delete them, making your one-time effort of research valuable forever. It's time to be stress-free and focus on your work or study while providing you with more strength and mind space to achieve your project goals. Please note, in order to use this app, you must have an active TagMyFav account and a valid Office 365 account. Also, app should be installed in Team/groupchat if it is not installed already in order to use compose extension.

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