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The employee engagement platform for modern People & HR teams.

Nailted is the employee engagement platform for modern People & HR teams who deliver the best employee experience.

Nailted guides you, and your entire organization, to apply best practices on employee engagement towards the creation of a culture that everyone wants to belong to.

📈 Understand your people better with real-time people analytics, start with eNPS and more than 40 KPIs. Use our light built-in survey questions or if you prefer you could customize yours.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Involve your managers easily giving them specifically designed tools to help them on a daily basis like 1:1 meetings. Get everyone of your managers to adopt this habit and prevent an inconsistent culture.

👏 Motivate your people and develop friendship building up a positive feedback culture, encourage fellowship, and create good vibes among the team.

Nailted, a way of doing things ❤️

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