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AI powered Text-to-Speech (TTS) generator for voice over content creation.

BitFractal helps content creators, across Media & Telco, Education, Professional Services, Travel, and other industries, create engaging content and experiences, using our hundreds of AI synthetic voices for most languages and dialects, producing high-quality voice over projects for a fraction of the cost and time of using a studio. The generated content can then be used as video voice overs, IVR and Voice Mail audio prompts, added to websites, used to relay corporate messages, for audio books and more.

Our Text-to-Speech App was designed to run on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Outlook, meeting users where they are, with an easy and intuitive interface that leverage the benefits of Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration tools to completely transform the content creation process. All that with native Single-sign-On, making it even easier for users to start building voice contents without having to create accounts or manage logins and passwords.

Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, combining Speech and Text services, BitFractal is a hub of micro-applications that can create content for the users and have them verbalized in a variety of different languages and speaking styles.

BitFractal removes the complexity of advanced AI technologies, by infusing them into productivity tools in a way that becomes natural for business users to benefit from them without having to worry about the ins and outs of the underlying technology stack. It just works and that’s what matters for users.

In order to use this app. Users must have an account with BitFractal, please contact us via [our support page]( or [email]( for details on how to sign up and get started with BitFractal.

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