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One visual, many charts. Waterfall, variance, column, area, line, dot, combo… in small multiples!

One visual, many charts. Waterfall, variance, column, area, line, dot, combo… in small multiples!

The most powerful charting visual with a complete set of advanced charts for your Power BI!

By using the Zebra BI Charts visual, you can choose from 36 different chart types, including waterfall, lollipop, variance, column, area, line, dot, hills&valleys, stacked, or even combo chart! No matter which one you choose, Zebra BI will automatically calculate your variances (Previous year, Plan, or Forecast), Year-over-Year growth rates, and totals.

All of that for one simple goal: making your reports and dashboards as actionable and understandable as possible!

By using the Zebra BI Charts visual, you will:

  • Get immediate insights with:
  • 36 different chart types like:
  • Single measure chart
  • Advanced waterfall chart (with subtotals)
  • Segmented chart perfect for displaying the forecast
  • Advanced stacked charts and
  • Combo charts with adjustable 2nd value axis
  • 1-click Chart slider
  • Automatic variance calculation for PY, PL, and/or FC
  • Bookmarks for most settings

Focus on what really matters:

  • Small multiples for categorizing and analyzing trends
  • Top N + Others functionality
  • Dynamic comments to explain context
  • Drill-down to get to the details
  • Responsive design to adapt the amount of information on display
  • 1-click Axis break
  • Enhanced tooltips for more insights

Customize your report with design flexibility:

  • Set up your own custom theme using JSON
  • Apply highlights
  • Control width, placement, design settings, and title of dynamic comment box
  • Use flexible number formats
  • Adapt colors, fonts, shape, and much more
  • Change the orientation of your charts
  • Customize variance areas
  • Make reports accessible for people with color vision deficiency

Elevate your data story with advanced annotation features:

  • Add, edit, and delete comments directly on visual, bypassing complex data model alterations
  • Effortlessly highlight key data points to draw attention to important insights
  • Adapt comments to your filters and slicers, ensuring relevant insights for every data view
  • Instantly annotate for dynamic, context-rich data storytelling and impactful presentations

Zebra BI Charts visual is certified by Microsoft, ensuring the highest standards of security are met. Additionally, Zebra BI visuals are the world's first IBCS-certified visuals, which bring standardization and clear communication to your organization. The visual works in Report Server and mobile apps.

Together with the Zebra BI Cards and Tables visual, Zebra BI Charts visual completes our set for Actionable Reporting. Using Zebra BI visuals will empower you to create actionable reports that are user-friendly, clear, concise, and data-based. To learn more, visit

NOTE: Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

For technical support, send us an email to

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