Beyondsoft Calendar

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Visualize your monthly data and assign custom colors with this dynamic, data-driven calendar visual.

The Beyondsoft Calendar visual is a calendar view that provides a single-month calendar layout that allows you to better visualize your data for each day of the selected month. It supports one date field, one measure field, and any number of tooltip fields. It offers many customization features ranging from basic formatting options like font size, color, etc, to more advanced features such as divergent data color scales, data labels, tooltips, and selection interaction. ** New in v1.2.0.0: ** [#LI]Power BI Bookmarks now supported. Get more information about Power BI bookmarks at[/#LI] [#LI]Fixed data colors. You can now choose between displaying your data colors as Gradient (default) or Fixed. Please review the README ( for instructions on how to use this in your report.[/#LI] (See for full revision history.) Please note the following requirements and limitations with this version of the visua