Abilis Data Rocket for Higher Education

Abilis Solutions Inc.

A 3-month POC providing 360-degree insights, real-time data ingestion & predictive analtyics.

Colleges and universities rely on data to make fact-based decisions about student recruitment, program offerings and fundraising. While these initiatives are intrinsically linked, their data sets can be hopelessly siloed.  Abilis Data Rocket is an end-to-end data estate accelerator, suing Gartner-leading technology to unlock critical capabilities and insights.

  • Talend provides the tools to do batch and real-time data ingestion, data quality processing, data stewardship, data catalogue, and pay-per-user model.
  • Snowflake offers the ability to scale up and out automatically in a pay-per-use model so cost equals value, while minimizing administrative and operational overhead and creating easy, secure data sharing.
  • Tableau or PowerBI enables self-service visual analytics to let business users explore data, get cognitive insights and realize final-mile value from their data.
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning enables predictive models to be easily built in scale to make smarter decisions.

Administered with the proven support of systems integrator Abilis Corp, Abilis Data Rocket is the ideal solution for Higher Education institutions who want to test the waters of industry-leading technology without a big upfront investment. This offer includes a complimentary technology assessment ($1,200 value) and 3-month consumption starting at $30,000. Once you have seen the power and possibilities of data-fueled decision-making, you will receive a 5% discount on 12-month consumption – nearly $15,000 off the listed purchase price.

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