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Corporate Performance Management

Opteva, your performance management solution

You want to maximize your profitability? Your forecasting process is too much time consuming? You manage too many spreadsheets and you are not confident with your forecast? Opteva allows your organization to improve its financial and operational performance management. Opteva is an analytic and integrated solution to manage your organization, your processes and your costs in order to :
  • Understand and analyze cost and profit by product, service, market and customer
  • help in automating and streamlining business forecast, planning, and consolidation activities in your organization


  • Get instant results, with a clear understanding of how your decisions will impact your bottom line.
  • Share accurate information with non-financial people and decisions makers
  • Create more accurate budgets and workforce plans
  • Save time at each step of your financial process
  • Your financial team is autonomous

Microsoft Stack

Opteva is hosted on the Azure platform, on the full .Net/SQL stack and uses Power BI for Analytics.

Who is interested?

Opteva is suitable for :
  • Mid-size companies
  • Shared Services
  • Banks
  • Industry
  • Services

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