Device Analytics


We monitor your devices with cloud intelligence and provide you with valuable insights.

We monitor the health of your devices don't malfunction or have degraded performance. 'Device Monitoring as-a-Service'' is our comprehensive solution that enables you to get greater insight into your devices and help your resolve issues, so you can focus your energies on your business.


APENTO Device Analytics

With APENTO Device Analytics, it is possible to collect inventory, performance, capability, and stability information from Windows 10. No domain affiliation is required as collected data is uploaded to Azure and created here. Through Power Bi based reports, it is possible to gain insight into the data collected. As part of the solution, APENTO will periodically review the reports with the customer. This ensures that the customer receives the knowledge transfer and that challenges are often identified before it becomes a problem for the organization.

Reports available 

  • Hardware models in production.
  • Patch management compliance - Windows update state for devices.
  • End-user logon experience.
  • Device security compliance (Including insights into GPO, BitLocker, UAC, virus protection, firewall and Windows Update compliance).
  • Application crashes overview.
  • Devices with BSOD issues


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