MiO - PoS, Agent Sales & Video Branches

Artivatic Data Labs

Video branch for lead generation, payments, on-boarding, sales, claims, video, marketing, support.

MiO is an All-in-one, AI Integrated Video Based Smart Digital Branch & Policy Distribution Platform to run entire front-end operations with No-Touch.

MiO provides digital branch application for insurance, brokers, PoS to connect to customers, lead generation, live chat, product sharing, renewals, policy payments, customer on-boarding, policy sales, policy issuance, digital journey,  agent productivity, claims filing, video conferencing, product offering, calling, pre-sales, post-sales, marketing, customer support, PIVC, TeleMER, policy quote generation, recording,  and more. Everything that is needed to run front-end operations for insurance branch, insurance sales, insurance marketing, transactions & payments, policy issuance is here on MiO.

Every physical branch will become virtual & digital with MiO. Every PoS & Agent can work from anywhere, anytime with more productivity via video integrates solutions and increase revenue & sales.

  • Internal communication and planning
  • Team discussions using whiteboard
  • Lead Generation, Lead Scoring, Quote Generation
  • Product Sharing via Email, Whatsapp, SMS
  • Video Call, Conferencing, Chat, File Sharing
  • Customer On-boarding, Document Sharing
  • Payments and Policy Issuance
  • Pre-Insurance Verification & Automation
  • Remote Tele-MER & QnA processing [With Doctor's Review]
  • Training & Knowledge sharing
  • Integrated OCR/ICR APIs, Face Recognition and KYC Verification
  • Multi-branch tagging and mapping & Managing Agents via Insurance & Branch
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