Bison Smart Retail Mobile Store

seuraavan mukaan: Bison Schweiz AG

Use Bison Smart Retail Mobile Store for a complete digitization of all retail processes.

Bison Smart Retail Mobile Store is a modular, highly scalable solution that enables retailers to digitalize, run and monitor their store processes. It consists of the Mobile Store App and the Smart Retail Mobile Store Backend. The Smart Retail Integration Layer is used to connect the surrounding systems (ERP, Merchandise Management, ESL, BI & Analytics, PIM etc.).

Bison Smart Retail Mobile Store easily connects to any surrounding system without any loss in functionality. Bison Mobile Store App is available for Android and iOS devices. There is also a possibility for an on-premise solution deployment (limited scalability).

Standardized process available:

  • Purchase order by product group or supplier
  • Re-confirmation of order proposal
  • Sales order
  • Transcripts
  • Stock transfer
  • Article information
  • Residue lists administration
  • Inventory
  • Price labelling
  • Actual stock verification
  • Snapshot feature
  • ESL Pick by light integration

Bison Smart Retail Mobile Store can be extended by further Smart Retail solutions (e.g. ESL). It allows an efficient onboarding of new stores via a simple QR code, which enables the app to automatically reference master data. Time to market is accelerated up to 70% (use of app and middleware on Microsoft Azure).

This application is available in German, French and English.

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