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OpsAI - The platform for future IT decisions

Make the right decisions with insights from OpsAI.

IT Infrastructure has over time developed into a complex sticky environment. It takes a lot of effort to get an overview to determine the IT estate status for usage, patch levels, application and system dependencies, risk and compliance. IT and Business has grown apart and ‘shadow IT’ enters your business. OpsAI is the platform to give you deep insight into your IT estate, allowing IT and Business to have a common view of your systems and processes. OpsAI is your future platform for managing your IT estate – simulate and validate cloud cost scenarios with right sizing and license benefits – ensure a secure and compliant IT infrastructure and automate your operations.


IT estate assessment of your IT infrastructure in real time to gain valuable insights into your current technology stack. Dynamic Tracking of Assets which challenges the static nature of most asset management tools, by scanning assets dynamically and real time. Supports export and import of server meta data in CSV format to CMDB. AI Operations - Machine learning creates a comprehensive view of your datacenter, identifying servers and applications at risk, enabling proactive operations. Financial Management - Automated calculation of your cloud costs to execute financial planning and cost tracking of assets. Including Azure advanced cost calculations, and cloud license benefit options. Application Lifecycle overview, which identifies your applications and supplies a plethora of information which enables and supports your application lifecycle management.

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