Colligo Engage Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo Networks, Inc

Capture and tag content into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive while working in Outlook.

Colligo Email Manager simplifies the capture of emails and attachments into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive from within Microsoft 365 Outlook. Colligo enables automated and self-serve capture of metadata and retention labels for information management.

  • Make it simple to capture emails and add metadata from Microsoft 365 Outlook into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive
  • Minimize change by bringing the top capabilities of SharePoint into Outlook where people choose to work
  • Improve user adoption of information management by personalizing file capture into their favourite locations
  • Modern workplace: Works in Microsoft 365 Outlook environment including on mobile devices
  • Productivity: Simple, familiar usability for content capture and collaboration
  • Information management and records: conveniently capture records including metadata and retention labels with easy-to-use information management


  • Save emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive
  • Insert as links/attachments from emails and Teams Channels
  • Microsoft Teams: Save emails and attachments to a Microsoft Teams Channel
  • Microsoft Teams: Post a conversation to a Teams channel for saved items
  • SharePoint: Save emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint libraries
  • Metadata: Automatically capture and promote email attributes to SharePoint
  • Works on Outlook for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android (phone), MAC, Outlook Web and Windows
  • Fast and consistent user experience on all devices running Microsoft Outlook
  • Save in the background and remain productive in Outlook
  • Capture email attributes (e.g. To, CC, From, Subject, etc.) and promote to SharePoint columns
  • Complete SharePoint metadata without leaving Outlook
  • Duplicate email/document checking when saving to SharePoint
  • Rename attachments when saving
  • Select a content type for a SharePoint location
  • Pinned and Recent locations for the fast saving and inserting of content

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