CortexOne - the first cloud-native CMS

Cortex Worldwide

Create, deploy, analyse and optimize your digital estate with the CortexOne solution

CortexOne is the first cloud-native CMS. Built in partnership with Microsoft, CortexOne leverages the full potential of Azure’s cloud infrastructure and tools on a single platform. This simplifies and automates complex configuration processes and enables rapid and secure website creation, versioning and editing using an intuitive interface.

Benefits across your organisation:

  • Marketing
    Brand consistency
    Optimized marketing
    Rapid build and delivery
    Asset management
    Centralized analytics
    Maximise budgets
  • Technology
    Development accelerators
    Scalable infrastructure
    Rapid website creation
    Quality assured
    Deployment standards
    Migrate to the Cloud
  • Procurement
    Supplier consolidation
    Resource optimization
    Pay-as-you-go consumption
    Transparent billing
    Future-proof technology
    Proof of concept
  • Security
    Secure by design
    Decoupled runtime
    Role based access control
    Full audit trail
    Business continuity
    Microsoft security framework

Cortex Worldwide are a Microsoft Gold Partner for both Cloud Platform and Application Development.

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