Unified Azure Platform - Assessment Services


Expert led Consulting Services | Remote | 4 weeks | RFP/Review/Design

Cloud environment architecture, optimization, security and resiliency is a critical aspect for every organization. Our cloud experts, with many decades of experience in enterprise IT and cloud , etc. have provided cost-effective, secure, high performance, scalable, long lasting solutions to various organizations (Government, Defense, Private sector, Non-profits) across regions and industry segments for their single, multiple and distributed cloud requirements.

DROOTOO provides an end to end consulting for assessment, migration, architecture and onboarding on Microsoft Azure. Helps to align a cloud migration strategy based on business KPI. DROOTOO also specializes in multi cloud architectures essential for new customers onboarding on Azure from other CSP's. A complete Microsoft Azure Lifecycle journey consulting from proprietary KPI based assessment on Microsoft Azure from on premise or any other cloud.

Architect and develop custom CI/CD, Database, Data pipeline solution based on your organization needs and multi cloud (Azure/Amazon/Google) support using Jenkins. Resource provisioning across clouds. Data/Database migration in a secured manner to clouds. Setting up security guidelines, process, regulatory policies and compliance for an organization on cloud environments. Small and medium business application life cycle management from pipeline to customer onboarding in a SaaS software model using cloud native solutions like Azure DevOps.

Our expert led consulting services covers the entire spectrum of Azure cloud requirements. It spans all environments from on-premises to hybrid or fully public cloud native implementations along with the attendant infrastructure, where needed.

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