eSense Software

Employee AI Personal Assistant

A platform that abstracts all organizations line of business, services, systems, and e-resources under one-stop-shop unified layer.
It is doing all what is needed to achieve this centralization goal: Integration, Messaging, Standardization, Monitoring and Reporting, Presentation, and others.

Elna Integrates with almost any product, with full out of the box integration with Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, it was built using .NET Framework and uses SQL and AzureSQL for back-end operations.

Elna reads all data related to the employee and provides an intuitive dashboard and control panel for the employees to access all their relevant information, this centralized engine allows the employees to view all their work and business information from one place.

With Exchange Integration, Elna can identify critical emails and prioritize them for the employee to action them quickly.

Elna is also integrated with Cortana and provides a voice commands interface so that users can query all the needed information using their voice.

Elna can also be customized with connectors, which allows her to integrate with HRMS, Payroll and Attendance Systems for greater and faster data access.

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