Smart Feedback - IoT SaaS

Gaia Smart Cities Solutions Pvt Ltd

Smart Feedback SaaS platform provides analytics, action engine, & reports for IOT and digital data.

Gain insight, drive visibility, and effectively manage and optimize assets, people, and processes from one platform. 

Gaia Smart Feedback is an insight-as-a-service, SaaS platform, powered by AI and IoT, that enables organizations to monitor, manage and optimize Smart Site and Smart City operations, and in workforce management and last-mile process Automation, resulting in improved business performance, unlocked employee productivity and enhanced customers experiences. Gaia’s Smart Feedback SaaS Application is also on the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus, enabling citizens to send SOS requests, and micro-location based AI-allocation to enable the right city teams to provide immediate relief and response efforts during the Covid19 pandemic.

Turn Multiple IoT Data Streams into Actionable Insights 

Sensor & Real-Time Digital Data on Site Conditions, Processes & People

Enable last-mile, last-minute data collection that increases visibility into performance and operations; gain both site & customer intelligence.

  • Multi-tenanted system for managing multiple IoT devices at multiple locations
  • Ingest data from location-tagged IoT or digital channels
  • Multi-parameter data source attribution

Useful insights: Set up Rules Based Action Engine and AI-Based Optimization Models to identify and predict breaches, generate alerts and enable real-time response management.

  • Intuitive GIS dashboard with multiple parameters and drill down for detailed information
  • Time-series and Comparative analytics

Data Foresights: Manage service levels and experience.

  • Understand issues and grievances, manage and motivate staff
  • Monitor staff attendance, location, tasks, task allocation, productivity
  • API integration into client workstreams and CRM/ ERP/ BIS systems

Data Reports & Features 

  • Downloadable reports in CSV and xls
  • Asset performance, location, and condition 
  • Staff attendance, location, tasks, task allocation, productivity 
  • Assets registry, maintenance, and contracts 
  • Asset performance and resource consumption check 
  • Enable condition-based monitoring
  • Unified enterprise view of sites, assets, processes, people 
  • Integrated view of service levels across enterprise and its vendors (governance monitoring)
  • Custom reports available upon request

The Gaia Smart Feedback platform serves smart sites across industries including Facilities Management, Warehouse & Logistics, Retail, Service Centers, Food & Cold Retail, Pharma, Hospitals, Transport, Transport Hubs, Railways, Airports, Urban Spaces, and Cities.

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