Workforce Sentiment Analysis & Mood Exercise App

Hikari Data Solutions Ltd.

Engage your team members with a fun and interactive app to monitor sentiment & wellbeing

If you believe that it is right for an organisation to be concerned about the general mental wellbeing of their employees and if you believe it is right for an organisation to help reduce the stress of their employees, then our sentiment analysis and mood exercise app will empower you to do all of the above.

With our app you have an opportunity to gauge an employee's feelings on key questions about your organisation, various initiatives and other key topics that are top of mind. Our sentiment analysis and mood exercise app looks to help organisations get a better handle on how their employees feel, without being intrusive and using scientific research to help reduce stress in a fun way.

Our sentiment analysis and mood exercise app helps your organisation to:

  • understand specific staff sentiment in real time,
  • engage survey respondents with a fun game,
  • offer a cognitive bias exercise to improve mood,
  • build data-driven business cases targeting specific wellbeing improvements, and,
  • maintain a firm handle on the pulse of an organisation adapting to remote working.

Key Features

Employee Sentiment
Instantly measurable results - receive a constant feed of employee mood and general sentiment for any given period.

Key Company Questions
A simple yet highly effective way to ask key questions and to aggregate the results via our easy to use management dashboard. No future need to use 3rd party apps and haveto compile the information into graphs or import it to Excel to allow easy reporting

Brain Training

Scientific research has shown that exercising our brain to identify with positive characteristics (positive cognitive bias) on a daily basis for on average 5minutes per day has long term positivity effects.

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