BI Blueprint

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Metadata and Technical Documentation for Power BI environments

Metadata and Technical Documentation for Power BI Environments 

Dashboards and reports are often poorly documented. It makes it very difficult to work with, hand over, update, or even review them. 

Whether you are creating reports, or using them to make key business decisions, the BI Blueprint allows you to see how they are built and gives you the confidence to trust the data you are seeing and rely on it for future deployments, enhancements, integrations, or migrations. 

The documentation provided by the BI Blueprint will contain the following details about your Power BI deployment: 

-Database connections used with type of connection 

-Tables found per connection 

-Join relationships between tables




-Lists of dashboards, workbooks, or reports 

-List of visualizations 

What's is the BI Blueprint used for? 

  • Assist in migration planning
  • Generate project documentation needed for compliance purposes
  • Used for hand off to new BI resources
  • Check on best practices
  • Identify risks before they become a problem
  • Visualize your models to quickly piece everything together
  • Track dependencies to make sure nothing breaks
  • Avoid BI redundancy
  • Optimize maintenance
  • See how your data is used

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