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Cloud Security Center - 24x7 Managed Security including SOC services

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Cloud Security Center - 24/7 Protect, Detect & Respond Security & SOC services

Modern challenges

Digitally transforming organizations face several challenges. One of them is how to set up a secure-by-design cloud architecture that not only protects cloud platforms, users and workloads, but also guarantees 24/7 detect & respond SOC capabilities. Adequate and stable cloud security requires time and effort, which organizations rather spent on digital transformation and growth. Hence the need for a service provider (MSSP) who offers protection of their businesses combined with 24/7 SOC-based detection & response. With our Managed Security solution, we offer to protect, detect & respond services for Modern Workplaces as well as Modern hybrid Datacenters. We implement automated security baselines using highly standardized designs, on top of which we build our own software (IP) to shorten deployment time and accelerate active usage. A customer portal - with features such as 1-click onboarding, zero-day malware reports, VIP user tagging, and security insight reports – delivers our added value. We also apply custom automated Response & Investigation by using our tailor-made correlation engine and we've integrated 3rd party ITSM solutions for SLA-backed security incident response. All this is possible by using the Intelligent Security Graph API. Our solution is called: Cloud Security Center (CSC).

Customer benefits

Our solution guarantees that cloud environments are always equipped with the latest Microsoft 365 E5 security features, yielding non-stop protection for the user- & administrator identities including all devices, applications, and data. Next, to set up a protect baseline, we also provide our customers with 24/7 SOC services to detect & respond. We use our IP to create scalability and fast deployments. Thanks to our knowledge, expertise and service, customers fully benefit from Microsoft's Security solutions and their IT teams have been unburdened.


We're able to quickly transform the security and privacy policies of our customers into fully automated and scalable rollouts. They choose what they wish to protect, based on standardized, flexibly prized “protection packs”, and pay per month. They are proactively informed and 24/7 protected, with a customized design that addresses their security policy, all warranted in an adequate and always up-to-date Incident Response Plan. Hence our solution is scalable and efficient. Long-running implementation projects at our customers' sites are no longer needed. Organizations will be able to enjoy the real benefits of Microsoft 365 E5 very fast and use them to their full potential. Most important: they are always in control of the solution.

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