Free Microsoft Teams Health Check Report

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Health Check Report highlights potential issues, provides useful insights and areas for optimisation

The power and flexibility of Microsoft Teams can pose a number of challenges to any organisation such as Guests users invited to teams who can see information. Orphaned / Unused Teams which are no longer being managed. What / how much is being stored within the Teams. What Teams are using third-party applications? Where is my data being stored?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform which is enabling users within an organisation to collaborate within a unified application. Teams has seen a tremendous growth and has become one of Microsoft fastest growing product. Fret not! Our free Microsoft Teams Health Check generates you a report of your Microsoft Teams that you can simply run against your tenancy. See how your organisation is creating, managing and collaborating within Microsoft Teams.

Health Check Score - Sit back and relax, we'll analyse your Microsoft Teams environment based upon industry best practices and benchmarked data and provide you with score and a list of next recommended steps.

Guests Access - Inviting guests' users into Teams is a fantastic way to collaborate. However, a lack of governance can lead to sensitive information being exposed to users external to your organisation. The report will identify any Teams which have invited guests.

Third-Party Applications (non-Microsoft apps) - We'll analyse the apps that are being used across your Microsoft Teams. Apps are a great way to streamlines processes within Teams and collaborate with your favourite third-party applications. However, without the necessary diligence your organisational data might be stored externally and may be in breach of your organisational guidelines.

Document Management - We'll analyse the number of files and folders within Microsoft Teams. Teams is a fantastic way to easily collaborate with your colleagues and contains a wealth of information. Are you making use of this data? Does your data comply to regulatory and compliance guidelines?

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