KPN Things provides seamless IOT data integration


KPN Things provides functionality to manage and configure your connectivity, data and devices

You can configure and manage your own IoT solution through this portal. The portal also provides insight into the operation of the solution and gives you the possibility to resolve problems or disruptions. KPN Things is offered as an as-a-service managed product.

The KPN Things Portal is a plug-and-play platform that can be used by developers, consultants and IT-manager. The service and the portal can be accessed through regular internet browsers on computers, tablets or smartphones.

This platform gives you the opportunity to gather data from sensors. You can connect the IoT devices (Sensors, gateways, Edge devices) through LoRa, 2G, 4G or 5G connectivity. With the device-twin functionality you can manage your devices. You can configure the destination of your data. There is a plug-in available to the Azure IoT and Event Hub.

If you register for free for KPN Things, you get free limited access to the KPN Things Portal:

  • One project on the KPN Things platform
  • Access to our Device SDK to get you started with programming your Device
  • Integrated KPN LoRa functionality:
    • Free registration of up to 3 devices to KPN's nationwide LoRaWAN network.
    • Free use of LoRa Geolocation
    • Insight in LoRaWAN network communication
  • Additionally, you can order KPN Things SIM cards to connect M2M devices to KPN Things:
    • Connect up to 2 M2M devices to KPN Things for free
    • Data communication over HTTP and MQTT will be available in the future
    • Access to our LTE-M, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.
    • European roaming included.
    • Optional payload decoding for supported device types.
    • Forward your data to Azure
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