Legimi - books in cloud for Business and Education

Legimi spółka akcyjna

Legimi - subscription access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks

Legimi offers B2B solutions for:

  • companies and corporations as incentive programs for their employees
  • public libraries as a digital platform for their readers

Legimi apps allow you to:

  • access a catalogue of thousands of eBooks and audiobooks
  • stop reading your book and pick up where you left off on another device
  • switch back and forth between reading and listening to a book without losing your place
  • select the font style and the size of the text
  • turn on a night mode for eBooks or a sleep timer for audiobooks
  • add and organize books in collections
  • discover when and how long you read books

The solution is heavily based on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform that enables synchronization between reading devices - smartphones, tablets, e-readers and computers. This app is only available in Polish.

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