Officevibe for Office365

Officevibe Inc.

The easy-to-use platform that lets managers better understand their people.

Officevibe gives employees a space to tell their managers anything, then empowers managers to respond and take action. Weekly Pulse Surveys, Anonymous Feedback and smarter one-on-ones give team managers a full picture of their employees’ needs, strengths and pains. That means they can offer the support that will really help their people thrive, while building the type of manager-employee relationship we all want: trusting, collaborative, and uplifting. 

Lead with heart. Make space for real talk. And create the conditions for great work.  

The employees in your network will receive Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys through the channel of your choice, whether that’s email, SMS, or other apps like Teams and Slack. Pulse Surveys take about two minutes to complete. The results are then compiled by Officevibe and shared with team managers weekly, showing them how their people really feel about everything from recognition to wellness, relationships with peers, and more. Each survey includes the opportunity for an employee to leave written, anonymous feedback.  

Managers are notified every time they get a new Pulse Survey Report, and whenever an employee leaves written feedback so that they can respond. Managers can also plan one-on-ones with employees through shared agendas and set action items at the end of each meeting to ensure each conversation has an outcome.  
With short, fun surveys and collaborative one-on-ones, Officevibe ensures participation is high and conversations are productive, helping managers dissolve the friction and lean on the strengths to make great work possible.

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