Radiance Logitech Meeting Rooms Solution

Radiance Communications Pte Ltd

Logitech Meeting Team Room Solutions by helping teams collaborate from anywhere

Logitech VC Room Solutions empower workplace collaboration by helping teams collaborate from anywhere, without compromising on productivity or continuity.


Designed for rooms of all sizes, Logitech Room Solutions include everything to build meeting rooms of virtually any size:

·Ultra-HD Logitech conference cam with motorized pan and tilt and RightSense™ technologies like auto-framing.
·Logitech Tap touch controller. 
·USB-connected configuration with a mini PC, or an appliance-based configuration with popular video conferencing services. 
·Flexible mounting options and enterprise-grade cable management. 
·Central device management and AI-powered room optimization with Logitech Sync.  

Rally room sizes:

·Rally Bar Mini: For small rooms up to 10 participants
·Rally Bar: For medium rooms up to 20 participants
·Rally Plus: For large rooms up to 46 participants

RightSense™ technologies:

RightSight™: Finds human silhouettes within the camera’s field of view and automatically pans, tilts, and zooms to comfortably frame everyone in the meeting.

RightLight™: Optimizes light balance and color to prioritize the appearance of faces and render natural-looking skin tones, even in dim or backlit conditions.