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Integrate WhatsApp, Webchat, Facebook and SMS into Microsoft Teams! standardizes all of your communication in Microsoft Teams through the seamless integration of social messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS (text messaging), Twitter, Webchat, BOTS, Teams Calling, and more! 

Often customer communication is no longer “voice” and more customers are reaching out via social communication channels like WhatsApp and webchat. supports your business by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with external messaging systems to centralize and homogenize all of your communications. Whether it’s a web-based chatbot, mobile text message, WhatsApp, or through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, all interactions are qualified, logged, and managed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. 

With integration with Microsoft Power Platform, Virtual Agents, and chatbot technology, customer service can be upgraded, make the social messaging part of your business process, and give you insights.

Improve customer engagement

Make customer data immediately available within Microsoft Teams to give you the tools to work “customer centric” and significantly increase the efficiency of your personnel. All interactions are qualified, logged, and managed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. Instantly give your agents a detailed overview of the customer that they’re working with by parsing the information available in your CRM system.

Optimize business processes

Integrate directly into your business processes with Microsoft Power Platform to automate repetitive tasks, optimize by using AI, and make data driven decisions. Deploy AI technologies like QnA chatbot to give your customers the opportunity to reach out to your organization in a fast, simple, and efficient way. reduces unnecessary conversations and allows your agents to focus on more valuable work.

Limit operational and compliance risk

Seamless integration of all communications within Microsoft 365 ensures that you maintain compliance at all levels. Omni-channel communication is no longer outside of your business and helps your enterprise keep up with the latest compliance requirements and standards.

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