Sierra Wireless All-In-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution

Sierra Wireless Inc

Sierra Wireless Octave is the only all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution to connect industrial assets

IoT is transforming industries but remains highly complex for industrial companies. A few of them are successful with their IoT initiatives to scale. Industrial companies are the main target audience for the solution brought by Sierra and Microsoft. Together, Sierra Wireless Octave and Microsoft Azure IoT Central simplify industrial IoT and help scaling IoT projects. It provides a complete edge-to-cloud solution, enabling manufacturers to easily and securely extract, orchestrate, manage and act on asset data. It enables industrial companies to focus on data, rather than re-inventing IoT infrastructure. Vs developing an in-house solution, it reduces costs and boost time-to-margin. According to the Total Economic Impact report from Forrester, Octave can reduce development and deployment costs by 42% and time-to-market by an average 9 months.
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