StreamWeaver for Azure Logs


Get Azure Logs into Splunk or other tools - in 3 minutes!

Send Azure Monitor and Security Logs & Metrics to Splunk, Elastic, or Other Destinations

The StreamWeaver Platform offers a systematic and automated approach to distributing valuable operations and security data, including event, metric, topology, and log information, to Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud, and other destinations you may be using. 

StreamWeaver liberates your full stack operations data. With StreamWeaver, you can weave source data streams into your chosen destination, straight out-of-the-box. We can show you the start-to-finish integration in just 3 minutes.

Click-and-connect capabilities make this integration quick and easy and without need for costly application developers or consulting expertise. You can measure the time to integrate in minutes.

Features and Benefits:

  • One-time setup to send Azure logs on a per-subscription basis 
  • Splunk HEC destination for high scalability, retries and throttling 
  • Includes: Azure Audit Logs, Security Logs, Azure Monitor Events and Metrics 
  • Secure collection and transmission of log files across data centers from Cloud to On Prem or Cloud-to-cloud 
  • TCO is 10x less than the alternatives considering x all hardware, services, and software investments 
  • Virtually unlimited scalability through horizontal addition of Azure cloud Kubernetes nodes and Azure Virtual Machines
  • Highly available and guaranteed delivery of Azure Log events 
  • Avoid having to roll your own API-based REST integration, and the ongoing maintenance & support 

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