Seascape for Notes

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Migration and compliance archiving of Lotus Notes Domino data

Preserve historical data outside of Lotus Notes and Domino. Migrate to SharePoint or a Seascape Flex archive. 

Seascape for Notes is an archiving solution for Lotus Notes (HCL Notes and Domino). It enables administrators to archive entire Notes applications, mail files, and other custom databases using a streamlined archiving process.

At the core of the product is SWING Software’s proprietary PDF rendering engine, which converts Lotus Notes forms and emails into PDF files. The PDF rendering engine was built specifically to convert Notes-specific types of content, such as embedded views, tabbed content, rich-text content, computed fields, document links, and more. It provides the highest PDF conversion fidelity for Lotus Notes available on the market today.

As part of the database archiving process, Seascape for Notes converts all database documents into PDF files, and it also extracts the file attachments from Notes documents and document metadata (saved as XML or JSON files). Administrators can choose between deploying the exported database content via standalone Web Archives or in Microsoft SharePoint lists or libraries. The PDF files in the SharePoint library remain linked to each other in the same way as the original Lotus Notes documents were linked using the Notes doclinks feature.

Seascape also provides the ability to generate PDF and XML archives with automatically generated folder structures and rule-based filenames. This type of archive is suitable for manual or scripted import into any other content repository, either on-premise or in the cloud.

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