B2T Service

seuraavan mukaan: TaxMeter International, LLC

Calculate corporate income tax expenses from accounting books, fully automatically.

We calculate corporate income tax expenses fully automatically from your accounting book data, powered by the world’s first and only B2T Engine with self-contained rates and rules. Accounting and tax professionals can now perform tax provision calculation with one single click, receiving the results of tax journal entries as well as the valuable intermediate data, such as book-to-tax adjustments, for reporting or other tax processing. No more messy Excel files for the calculation. No need to keep track of the relevant rates and rules of accounting and tax (unless you want to override the Engine’s logic).
  • The first and only fully automated book-to-tax adjustments… and income tax calculation from accounting books
  • Input business data, not rates and rules of accounting and tax. The Engine has them
  • User-overridable rates and formulas

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