Theta Lake AI-based Compliance for Microsoft Teams

Theta Lake

17a-4 Compliant Archive and eDiscovery for Teams, plus upgrade options for AI-based supervision

Firms operating in regulated verticals need to comply with compliance, legal, and regulatory requirements around retention, eDiscovery, and supervision of electronic communications from Microsoft Teams. For example, financial services firms need to preserve business-related communications in a non-rewriteable and non-erasable format (WORM) to comply with SEC 17a-4 Books and Records.

FINRA’s 2019 Examination Report Findings are a clear example of regulatory expectations for collaboration platform record-keeping:

“If a firm permits its associated persons to use a particular application—for example, an app-based messaging service or a collaboration platform—the firm must preserve records of business-related communications and supervise the activities and communications of those persons on the application”

Theta Lake is offering a, 17a-4 compliant archiving module of its compliance and supervision suite which includes,

    • Seamless capture of Teams content with 100 GB of free storage, plus simple storage add-ons
    • 17a-4 compliant storage hosted in a secure SOC2 Type 2 certified data center designed specifically for collaboration platform archiving
    • Full archive retention policy management for any storage duration
    • Easy access, viewing, and meta-data search of messages and content shared
    • Simple, click-through upgrades for full supervision, individual recording supervision, data export, and additional storage

To meet the ever-increasing capture and stringent record-keeping requirements for compliance at clear cost savings try Theta Lake instead of the hidden costs and risks of raw storage options. Also, if you want to do more than compliant archiving, adding Theta Lake’s AI-based detection and supervision for compliance, conduct, and data leakage risks in what was said, shown, shared, or typed within Microsoft Teams communications is available.

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