Tick Tock Clock Sync & Monitoring

Tick Tock Networks, Inc.

Deploy in Minutes. Sync Anywhere. Gain Visibility Across Systems.

Tick Tock is a modern, software-based solution for accurate time sync & infrastructure monitoring.  It’s built to run in on-prem and cloud environments. The sync accuracy can be as low as​ 5 - 10 ns​ when using hardware timestamps,​ and 100s of ns - 5 μs when using software timestamps. This is typically one or more orders of magnitude higher than PTP/NTP solutions. In addition, it delivers complete visibility and insights across clocks, servers and network, including one-way delay measurements, inter-site path asymmetry, and path delay changes.
Notable features include:

  • High Performance, Scalable, & Resilient: with built-in redundancy and auto-failover, it can sustain high levels of sync accuracy even under high network and CPU loads and server and network failures.
  • Single-site and multi-site: sync clocks in a single site to a local reference clock or sync clocks across many sites in a region or globally.
  • Flexible Use Cases: Run in Observation mode or Correction Mode. In Observation mode, it's an independent tool to monitor PTP/NTP performance. In Correction mode, it disciplines NIC and host clocks.
  • Interactive Performance Dashboard: An intuitive user interface to monitor and visualize system-wide performance, including measurements of clock sync accuracy for every node.  Select any node from the system UI to drill down on an individual clock. Visualize and analyze real-time and historical clock offsets and corrections. Configure real-time alerts.

  • Network Performance Monitoring: Identify and fix network issues with one-way delay measurements, inter-site path asymmetry and path delay changes.

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