People Safety Badge and Eugenio

seuraavan mukaan: PTLS Serviços de Tecn. e Assessoria Técnica Ltda.

Indoor and Outdoor Worker Safety Tracking using People Safety Badge and Eugenio

This solution helps safety managers in industries with hazardous work sites (e.g. mining, oil and gas, energy, and manufacturing) keep workers away from hazardous conditions and track their safety. Businesses in these industries often depend on procedures and training to enforce safety protocols. This solution uses adds tracking technology (Bluetooth, GPS, Cell, or LoRA) to a badge that can detect the worker’s location and alert them using vibration and lights if they are at risk. The safety badge also has a fall detector and a panic button for workers. The system uses real-time logic to detect incidents and then notifies the safety team so they can respond with assistance. The system can also initiate other workflows for incidents such as placing a call to first responders or calling out to an on-site safety management system. This combination of flexible hardware, real-time event detection, and workflow management helps managers respond to incidents and improve overall safety training and procedures.

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