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All your customer support messages in one place

For online retailers, reputation, feedbacks, and customer satisfaction are key to their success.

Professional online Sellers need to maintain certain standards for their marketplace survival, Urban Seller helps make it happen.

Companies like Amazon & eBay revoke selling privileges of sellers not meeting their standards. -- losing online selling privileges is like your offline store burning down overnight with no insurance

Urban Seller is a web application built from the ground up to help the over 9m eBay and Amazon professional sellers drive down customer support cost, achieve and retain good online reputation, and respond to customer queries in a timely and accurate manner[, all whilst retaining full control & visibility of their performance and workload].

Incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland, we have paying subscribers in US, EU, and ASIA, some of whom have chosen to commit for one year subscription having evaluated the platform.

For a full information of the product, please see the attached document titled Product Information.

eBay integration allow for all the support workflow, including managing eBay cases, managed return, order cancellation, and responding to feedback. Also, the dashboard shows the performance across all accounts and all regions saving you having to login to multiple accounts and switch between different regions.

Urban Seller also helps international sellers by providing message translation for inbound and outbound messages.

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