VMware NSX Cloud

VMware Inc.

Consistent Networking and Security for Applications Running Natively in Azure

VMware NSX Cloud delivers networking and security for your applications running natively in Azure cloud. Together with the VMware NSX family, VMware NSX Cloud enables the Virtual Cloud Network, a software-defined approach to networking that extends across data centers, clouds, endpoints, and things.

Consistent Security Across Clouds

NSX Cloud is a networking and security solution that enables Enterprises to apply standard network services and security policies to applications running natively in Azure and other public clouds. Policy is defined once and applied to workloads anywhere— across virtual networks, regions, availability zones, and other clouds. Security policies are dynamically applied to each workload based on application attributes and user-defined tags. Rogue or compromised workloads can even be automatically quarantined if they do not have the right micro-segmentation security policy applied.

Precise Control Over Cloud Networking

VMware NSX Cloud is designed for cloud-native applications running in public cloud environments. NSX Cloud is compatible with native services available from Azure such as Load Balancer, Azure DNS, ExpressRoute, Azure SQL, and Cosmos DB. Provisioning and configuration management can be automated via REST API requests using your existing automation tools.

End-to-End Operational Control and Visibility

VMware NSX Cloud provides standard interfaces and protocols to access the network and security data from cloud networks. Flow, packet, and event information is available via IPFIX, Traceflow, Port Mirroring, and Syslog. This data can be consumed by existing on-premise operations tools and used to enable deep, end-to-end visibility for monitoring, troubleshooting and auditing. This rich operations data helps to dramatically shorten the time it takes to identify and resolve network connectivity, performance, and security issues across your entire hybrid cloud deployment, including applications on-premise and in the public cloud.

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