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Customer Attrition for Superannuation Fund on DDP

Wipro Ltd

Identifies lead indicators to attrition from Superannuation fund data.

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is an integrated platform, which accelerates ‘time-to-insight’ for an enterprise using pre-built industry apps that enable faster decision making, aided by advanced visualizations.

Customer Attrition app on DDP is a holistic churn prediction solution that has sophisticated predictive algorithms to measure the likelihood of churn with high accuracy across customers. The descriptive analysis helps identify the key reasons resulting in churn. The ability to understand the total customer attrition journey and not focus only on the reasons make the solution unique, robust and relevant for all business processes.

Key Benefits

  • Enables attrition analysis based on the behavioral and psychographic segmentation.
  • Helps in understanding the lead indicators to attrition by plotting a customer journey map that highlights significant events leading to churn, thereby enabling a proactive approach to curb attrition.
  • Reduces the cost of campaigns and improves the return on marketing investment.