Wobot - Process Compliance through Video Analytics

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AI-powered Video Analytics for Process Compliance

Supercharge your cameras with AI-powered Video Analytics empowers businesses to monitor process compliance for informed decision-making. Our AI-powered Video Analytics platform comes with 100s of pre-defined checklists and tasks tracked automatically through existing CCTV cameras. This one-stop platform provides you with the comfort of viewing all cameras, events, and incidents on a single application while giving you actionable visual insights in real-time.


  • Compatible with All Leading Camera Brands
  • Use your existing CCTV cameras
  • Seamless onboarding of cameras and Live viewing
  • Actionable Visual Insights
  • AI-powered Checklists for automating Task

Industries- offers its solution to a broad spectrum of businesses across the globe. Our solutions help businesses monitor process compliance remotely in organizations such as:

  •’s Solution for Retail assists retailers in enhancing customer experience, ensuring business continuity, and improving customer experience.’s Top 3 Checklists for Retail

Customer Engagement Checklist

Customer wait-time detection
Staff engagement time detection
Staff member did not attend to the customer

Billing Checklist

Bill printing but customer not present
Customer standing but staff member not present

Cash till open but customer not present

Security Checklist

Intrusion detection
Camera tampering detection

Security guard not present

  •’s Solution for Food Services helps Food Services businesses all over the world in adhering to regulatory practices for hygiene and safety.’s Top 3 Checklists for Food Services

Food Hygiene Checklist
Hairnet detection
Gloves detection

Uniform detection

Food Safety Checklist

Veg / non-veg segregation based on Hairnet color
Knife and board mismatch
Freezer and fridge door left open

  •’s Solution for Hospitality works with businesses in the hospitality industry to optimize customer service and physical security of their premises.’s Top 3 Checklists for Hospitality

Customer Walk-in Checklist

Staff Uniform detection
Concierge availability detection
Count of Walk-ins / Walk-outs

Customer Engagement Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

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