Scappman is a 100% cloud solution that integrates with Intune to automatically update applications.

Scappman enables you to easily install and update applications on your Intune-managed computers. We not only offer an extensive list of pre-packaged applications, but also enable you to upload your own custom apps in our intelligent packaging engine. The Scappman packaging engine is designed to reduce user friction caused by application updates, but also to overcome some of Intune’s limitations like updating available apps, even for custom apps.

To start deploying applications, just register on our portal and provide admin consent for our Scappman, choose an app from our App Store or upload your own, assign users to it and you’re good to go. Scappman will deploy the application and then keep it up to date.

Scappman provides several additional features like:

  • Application Update rings
  • Customizable install commands
  • User interaction & postpone when the app is in use
  • Historical reporting
  • Multitenant management
  • Bring-your-own-app
  • Auto-update available applications
  • Cross-customer application sets

Scappman enables enterprises to be more secure, while reducing time spent on packaging & updating applications. On top of that it helps you overcome Intune’s limitations.

Scappman offers an enterprise-grade software- & patch management solution for small businesses that want to work securely and up to date.

Service Providers can use Scappman to manage many customers at once, from a single pane of glass, and drastically reduce time spent onboarding new customers.

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