UAB Lucid Agreements

Enable team in Microsoft Teams calls to capture and create tasks from transcription in real-time

isLucid is an innovative voice recognition tool that automatically transcribes online meetings, integrates into your favorite management software (available with Atlassian JIRA, Azure DevOps, soon MS Planner, MS Project), helps you create actionable items like tasks, tickets and items for generated meeting minutes report, and share outcomes.

Our voice recognition software helps managers maximize the efficiency of their meetings. Instead of writing down notes, spending time creating wrap-up emails, and clarifying tasks, focus on what matters most - communicating.

Innovations in machine learning allow isLucid to provide high-quality transcriptions. isLucid will take care of everything: transcribe the discussion, enables all team to create tasks within the side panel in the call, and send tasks to project management software. Forget about missed tasks, responsibilities, and duties.

Need a meeting minutes document? With the same easiness select from transcription what type of action point it is and get at the end of the meeting jointly created document to share with the participants.

We replace pen and paper so you could focus more on what matters the most - clear, transparent discussion.

isLucid features:

*Automatically transcribes online meetings.

*Uses machine learning to maximize transcription quality.

*Identifies participants and adds timestamps.

*Integrates easily into project management software (Atlassian JIRA, Azure DevOps, soon MS Planner, MS Projects).

*Creates tasks and descriptions.

*Provides recommendations for meeting topics (coming soon).

*Offers preset or customizable meeting templates (coming soon).

*Generates documents for future storage and traceability.

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Use our *Free Trial* option to get started with isLucid and bring your meetings to the next level!

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