Atos || Citizen Developer [8-weeks implementation]

Atos International SAS

The Atos Citizen Developer Service enables developers building applications using low code, no code, business intelligence (BI) or robotic process automation (RPA) with the expert support from Atos.

The Atos Citizen Developer Service enables a cultural shift in organizations. Together with Microsoft Power Apps, a low-code development platform and suite of services that provides an application development environment, it enables organizations to easily build, develop and integrate customized applications to meet business needs.

Atos Citizen Developer Service provides expert support to enable non-professional ‘citizen’ developers to create business solutions such as business apps, analytics, and workflows themselves with a minimal use of coding (low code/no code) using Microsoft Power Apps.

Microsoft PowerApps is built to integrate with a variety of Microsoft tools, from fellow Power Platform tools like Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power BI to generic Microsoft Office 365 applications. With the Atos Citizen Developer Service and Microsoft Power Apps, ‘citizen’ developers are allowed to create three main types of Microsoft Power Apps. Canvas Apps: these are custom apps which can be created by a company’s ‘citizen’ developer from scratch by easily dragging and dropping elements onto the app canvas. Model-Driven Apps; automatically generated and designed by Microsoft Power Apps itself according to the data set it is connected to. Portal Apps: external-facing web portals that enable both internal and external users to interact securely with data in the Microsoft Dataverse.

The Atos Citizen Developer services can be positioned in multiple marketplaces towards business and IT leaders as in today’s digital-centric world, business priorities are evolving towards app development, automation, and workplace modernization. To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, organizations must automate workflows and business streams, integrate data assets, and value streams, and innovate their offerings, employee, and customer interactions. Rolling out Atos Citizen Developers accelerates the creation of new products and services, enhances process efficiency and automated workflows, and drives widespread innovation throughout the organization. It also enables costs cutting, build resilience in volatile times and accelerates digital transformations and project-based work The Atos Citizen Developers Service ensures that the use of Microsoft Power Apps is accelerated, supported, and effectively managed. It ensures that employees are supported throughout the development process, minimizing disruption, and increasing adoption rates. Organizations and employees will realize that using Atos Citizen Developer Service together with Microsoft Power Apps can deliver a wide range of business benefits.

Pricing of Atos Citizen Developer Service is based on scope of work.

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