Teams Adoption Planning - 1 Day Workshop

BUI (Pty) Ltd

Understand the purpose and benefit of Adoption and Change Management while adopting Microsoft Teams.

What is Adoption and Change Management (ACM) and why should I care?
Wondering what the hype around Adoption and Change Management is and unsure how it will benefit your existing change management practices?
Considering the reasons behind well executed project failures?

Adoption and Change management is the foundation to successful user adoption, utilization and proficiency; prioritizing the end-user.

BUI offers a one-day workshop to discuss the value proposition of modern ACM and the role it plays in adopting Microsoft Teams.  Establish the purpose of adoption and change management (ACM) in your environment and define your ACM Strategy aligned with technical and business objectives.
The workshop focusses on:

  • ACM Lifecycle - collaborate with the project executive sponsors, the purpose and validity of adoption and change management in the modern project approach.
  • ACM Pillars - unpack the ACM execution pillars for Microsoft Teams and the impact it has on people, technology and processes. Identify the core stakeholders, technical, business and end-user representatives for successful adoption.
  • ACM Gap Analysis - determine through interactive collaboration, your company’s readiness for Microsoft Teams adoption. Identify ACM requirements and gaps as input into the ACM Vision and Strategy.
  • ACM Vision and Strategy - at the end of the workshop, BUI will build the baseline adoption and change management vision and strategy and present the value proposition of ACM for your Microsoft Teams deployment.

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