Copilot Prepare for Takeoff: 8+ Weeks Proof of Concept Pilot

Slalom Consulting

Gain a deep understanding of Microsoft 365 Copilot and a plan for how to use it to transform the employee experience, boost efficiency, drive growth and overall improve employee satisfaction.

Once you have checked in and completed the Pre-Flight Inspection, your organization is ready to Prepare for Takeoff!

This 8+ Week Microsoft 365 Copilot Proof of Concept Pilot includes:
* Project & change management delivery of defined Microsoft 365 Copilot pilot
* Deliver prompt engineering training for how to engage with AI
* Measure success of the Microsoft 365 Copilot pilot and build business case for larger organizational rollout
* Talent assessment to help inform skill gap and drive future growth


Pre-Engagement Project Pre-requisites
* Client overview - roles, functions, stakeholders, etc.
* Review client's Microsoft 365 Copilot pilot group
* Ensure client has secured Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses
* Initiate Slalom onboarding process
* Schedule project kick-off

Weeks 1-3 Project Initiation
* Kick-off meeting
* Define Microsoft 365 Copilot pilot success metrics
* Build initial adoption plan
* Create lean personas to help support change management activities and identify functional use cases
* Creation of training materials - prompt engineering
* Build out Microsoft Teams site to host pilot activities

Weeks 4-6 Activation
* Execution of change management activities
* Host training sessions
* Populate Microsoft Teams site with content
* Host "Office Hours" sessions to help collect feedback and support adoption

Weeks 7-8 Monitor & Measure

* Continue Office Hours sessions
* Execute survey to help collect qualitative feedback
* Benchmark against success metrics to confirm ROI
* Plan next steps for scaling the Microsoft 365 Copilot pilot group to the larger organization

* Pricing of Prepare for Takeoff Microsoft 365 Copilot Proof of Concept Pilot and further engagements based on scope of the engagements

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