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Armanino’s Revenue Recognition Management

Armanino LLP

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Simplify your accounting and manage revenue recognition, BESP, deferrals, reallocation and carveouts

Companies selling bundled products such as hardware, software, services, prepaid support tickets, warranties and maintenance agreements must be able to break out these multi-element orders to recognize revenue based on company and industry guidelines such as vendor specific objective evidence (VSOE) to comply with US GAAP.

With Revenue Recognition Management, companies can: increase productivity through process automation, scalability and standardization; achieve accurate and timely revenue recognition and financial reporting; reduce risks associated with a reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes; and gain accuracy and visibility into revenue forecasts

Supported features of Armanino's Revenue Recognition Management solution include:

  • Multi-element and multi-deliverable arrangements
  • Maintaining List Price, VSOE Price & Deal Price
  • VSOE Carve-outs and Price Management
  • Deferred Revenue Management
  • Revenue Recognition Schedules
  • Subscriptions & Renewals
  • Supports Product Bundles/Kits
  • Daily prorated contracts to coincide with monthly recognition schedules
  • Revenue forecasting & reporting
  • Multi-order Reallocations