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CompuSight Corporation

xRM.Location solution provides an integration with Google Maps and Twilio

Xrm.Location solution provides a complete integration between Dynamics Crm and Google Maps.

This solution helps Dynamics Crm users visualize their data by placing entity records on a map.
After geolocating the entity that will be placed on a map Xrm.Location will provide a series of actions that can be performed on those markers/records.
Most of the actions that are usually performed on a Dynamics Crm entity record are available from within the map.

In addition to out of the box Dynamics Crm actions Xrm.Location will allow for SMS messaging by using a Twilio provider.

Geolocate an entity, place the markers on a map and forget navigating from one record to another to perform simple actions by using Xrm.Location addon.

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